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jinn catching services

Cure for Black Magic

We treat Black Magic with Quran and Sunnah

Cure for Evil Eye

Evil eye is a destructive force. Cure the evil eye with ruqya

Cure Jinn Possession

We treat jinn possession remotely and you can also treat yourself


Highly recommended!!! -- Arif bhai is a righteous man, experienced Raqi and BY FAR one of the only authentic raqi's who work in Pakistan. Uses ONLY quran and sunnah methods to help others! Arif bhai is generously willing to help those in need. He has devoted his life to help others. May Allah protect Arif bhai from all evil and may he live a happy life, away from a single problem! My prayers are with Arif bhai.

Hasnain Abbas


You are my mentor brother Arif. Cure comes from Allah but your endless efforts and sincere guidance towards truth has changed me into a completely different person, with a very strong faith and a heart so close to Allah. What else do I need! I am happy in any situation now. I pray for you and for every one else who is working with you. May Allah give you more knowledge, health and protection and success in the hereafter. Ameen.

Umme Fatima


MasaAllah brother may allah bless you and protect you from the evil.your treatment is very helpful,allah protect you in the time of biddah and shirk.ameen,

Zukhroof Eman


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