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Mental Illness

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Is mental illness connected to Jinns?

Yes, we have discovered that all mental illnesses are related to the jinn. The reason is that the first place the jinn’s attack is the mind and emotions these two things when manipulated allows the jinn’s to take control over one’s self. Most people are continuously thinking negative thoughts which are being whispered by the jinn these negative emotions and memories create strong negative energy which the jinn used to attack a person block him in life break up the family etc.  

We will list a few psychological conditions we treat:-

  1. OCD
  2. Autism
  3. Scitzophrenia
  4. Bi-Polar
  5. Anxiety Disorders
  6. Sleeping disorders

All of the above illnesses are linked to the mind jinn and evil eye. We have found when we have done psychotherapy on patients they have become possessed and the jinn was hiding behind whatever was troubling them in their minds. For e.g, we had one patient who kept saying her age is increasing and she can’t get married so we told her to repeat what was going through her mind and the jinn came forward and said he would never allow her to marry anyone.

What causes Mental Illnesses?

We will list the main causes of mental illness:-

  1. Drugs- Using drugs changes the chemical composition of the mind which weakens it and allows the jinns to take over. This may include pharmaceutical drugs or recreational drugs. This is why in Islam anything that changes your state of mind is Haraam in Islam.
  2. Bad experiences- Everyone has had bad experiences in life but some people find a way to release them while others struggle to cope with them. These experiences trouble a person subconsciously and the jinn uses them to manipulate the person. 
  3. Evil eye- as we mentioned before that the evil eye can make one go crazy as mentioned in the Holy Quran. 
  4. Magic- Magic can be done on a person to make them lose their minds on any level
  5. Lack of sleep- Not sleeping at all or not sleeping well can also change the composition of chemicals in the brain causing mental illness. Sleeping 6-8 hours of deep sleep is essential for a healthy mind.
  6. Being emotionally unstable- being too emotionally sensitive can cause mental illness as a person will be prone to suggestions from shaytaan which can lead to mental illness.
  7. Taking vaccines- The shots we get when we are born and after that also cause mental illness as we discovered that autism, has increased 80% since these vaccines, were introduced and required for parents to give their children.

How do you treat someone with mental illness?

We first assess the patient to see what is causing the problem. If the patient is out of control then we will advise sending them to a clinic so they can be sedated and get some sleep for a few days. Once they have had a good sleep we then read ruqyah and do jinn catching is needed until the patient recovers. We also do psychotherapy and coach them on controlling their emotions and changing their thinking patterns. If the patient cooperates then within a month of treatment they fully recover with Allah’s will.

Cure Mental Illness

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