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Self Ruqyah

How to do Self Ruqyah?

Self ruqyah is when you do ruqyah upon yourself to remove the effects of the evil eye and magic. This can be done in numerous ways:-

  1. Reading ruqyah on oneself
  2. Listening to ruqyah 
  3. Using ruqyah water and oil
  4. Reading Nafl 

Reading Ruqyah on oneself.

Firstly you should be clean and in wudu (ablution). Recite:-

Surah Fatiha 3 times

Aytul Kursi 3 times

Surah Falak and Naas 11 times

Evil eye duas 11 times and blow into your palms and rub your hands all over your body.

You can also place a bottle of water and oil in front you the drink and apply the oil on your head and body where you feel pains.

Listening to Ruqyah

There are many different types of ruqyah available on youtube and online. It is best to download a recitation onto your phone or computer as youtube ads break the concentration and the light of the Quran you receive by listening to it.

The best way to listen to ruqyah is by:-

  1. Using earphones headphones or earbuds.
  2. Sit down make dua for Shifa and ask for forgiveness of sins.
  3. Close your eyes and listen with concentration.
  4. Focus on the recitation asking Allah to remove illness.
  5. See in mind that illness is leaving and one is being filled with noor from Allah.

Washing with ruqyah water & oil

Water has an amazing property from Allah that absorbs anything recited upon it. When we recite verses from the Holy Quran it becomes quranic water. Evil eye and magic create negative energy around us and quranic water and oil cancel it. The most effective way to make quranic water is:-

  1. Have wudu.
  2. Open containers and make sure they are full.
  3. Recite directly on the water and oil.
  4. Blow on the water and oil.
  5. When finished say bismillah and close the container.

First, make an intention for Allah to remove all problems you are facing. Wash with quranic water by blocking the bathtub and pouring 2 to 3 litres over the body and take a small hand tub and collect the water that has come off your body and pour over yourself again and again to remove evil eye and magic effects.

Then apply oil as the effect of water last 15 mins depending on whether but oil lasts on the body for a few hours. This will cancel magic and evil eye effects.

Reading Nafl Prayer

The Prophet Peace be upon him would make nafl salah and ask Allah for any need he had. If we look into hadith we will find he has done this many times and also commanded the sahabah to do the same. We can also pray 2 rakat nafl salah and ask Allah to remove the problems we are facing. In regards to magic and evil eye we advise:-

  1. Make wudu.
  2. Before you start your nafl make niyah intention for Allah to remove the magic and evil eye.
  3. After Fatihah recite Surah Falak and Naas again and again asking Allah to cure yourself of the inflicted illness and then do the same in the next rakaat.
  4. Read Surah Falak and Naas as many times as you can.
  5. When finished make sincere dua and taubah for sins and ask Allah for a cure.

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