Islamic Exorcism Services

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About Us

We understand the pain and suffering people are going through due to spiritual entities interfering in their lives. We have been treating patients and helping them get out of their troubles for the last decade.

Raqi Arif has travelled to many countries and treated thousands of patients for the last 10 years for spiritual, mental and physical sicknesses with Quran and Sunnah. Once being a patient himself he has the understanding of what it feels like and with Allahs will many patients have been cured.

At we only use the authentic Islamic way to treat patients according to Sunnah and do not use amulets or any help from the jinn in anyway.

Are you Suffering Need Help?

Check out our symptoms page to see if you are affected by any negative spiritual problems.


Ruqyah Services

£ 50 /Session
  • Cure for Jinn Evil Eye & Magic
  • 1/2 Hour Session
  • Online Session

Jinn Catching

£ 50 /Session
  • Cure for Jinn Evil Eye & Magic
  • Remove Jinn & Blockages
  • Report Given


£ 50 /Session
  • Remove Trauma Fears
  • Remove Blockages
  • Initiate Positivity


Have a look at what our patients say about our services.

Ahsan Mustafa

Arif Javed is the most honest person. He patiently listens to the problem and answers in detail. Every person who thinks he has magic or evil eye on him must visit at least once.

Yasir Aslam

The best raqi i met till now and i have met a lot. Very nice person and takes your situation seriously. And he does everything what is in our sharia

Zukhroof Eman

masa allah brother may allah bless you and protect you from the evil.your treatment is very helpful,allah protect you in the time of biddah and shirk.ameen,