Jinn Catching Services

What is Jinn Catching?

Jinn catching is a process where we make supplication to Allah to bring the jinns that are attacking the patient. When they come into the catcher we ask Allah to destroy the sacrifices and blood they have been given by the magician and the agreements that have been made between the jinn and the magician. We also ask Allah to destroy the Magic and evil eye that is affecting the patient. We then convert the jinn to Islam and let them go. 


How can Jinn Catching help me?

Jinn catching helps the patient recover quicker, due to the removal of jinn who are usually working in the background trying to destroy the patient especially if they have had multiple types of magic done on them,  This allows the patient to remove the effects of magic by following our treatment method and removing blockages with ease. 

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I am a non-muslim can i still be treated?

Yes we treat Muslims and non Muslims but request that the patient should not have any taweez amulet or anything related to the occult within their house or on their body. This includes statues of any kind and lucky charms such as stones and other ornaments.