Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy Services

We provide online Psychotherapy services to cure mental spiritual and physical illnesses. Having a healthy mind results in having a healthy life. We all go through certain events in life which challenge us and have a negative impact on our personal life. These negative events can cause anxiety, depression, trauma and many other mental illnesses on any level some severe and some very subtle.

We at Jinn Catching have come to realise through working with patients for over 10 years that when a person goes through these emotional fluctuations the jinns enter the body or mind and escalate the torment. This also can have a dire impact on the patient’s health.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is the removal of negative emotions that are attached to negative events that have taken place in a person’s life.

Allah has created us as emotional beings. Negative emotions not treated tend to grow and create anxiety and become a hindrance in one’s life. Psychotherapy is when we ask the patient to repeat the events attached to the negative emotions until they have no more effect on the person. 

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