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Ruqyah Services

What is Ruqyah?

Ruqyah is the islamic way of exorcism which we practice. These are verses of the Holy Quran and authentic duas and supplications of the Holy Prophet S.A.W which cancel the effects of black magic and evil eye when we recite them upon the patient.

How is Ruqyah Preformed?

We recite ruqyah for patients worldwide online via social media apps such as WhatsApp google meet etc. For this the patient must be clean and have some headphones to hand. We require the patient be free from all types of taweez or items related or connected to the occult. For best results the patient should put on the headphones close their eyes and listen with full concentration while the ruqyah will be recited.

How many sessions will I need?

No. of sessions varies from patient to patient. In most cases 3 sessions are enough one in the begining of the treatment one in the middle and one at the end of the treatment.In complicated and severe cases more than 3 can be required according to the situation. Alhamdullilah most patients feel a difference from the first session which keeps progressing to recovery with Allahs will.

If you are suffering or know someone who is.

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