If you have any of the below symptoms and have been to see the doctor who has no explanation except stress or a fancy name then you are very likely affected by either black magic (Kala Ilm), Jinn or Evil Eye (Hasad)

  • Unusual Headaches: Migraines, numbness, the mind is closed, pains partly or complete.
  • Constantly thinking: Uncontrollable negative thoughts, this could be about one person or generally mind is always working unproductively, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety.
  • Madness: Loss of memory, talking to self, crying, laughing for no reason, seeing things, hearing voices. Becoming dumb and stupid.
  • Unhappy in any situation: whatever you do or wherever you go you don’t like anything, disinterest in life.
  • Constant conflicts: fights arguments with wife or husband, family, workers friends or business partners etc afterwards feeling regretful.
  • Unable to achieve in life blockages: job, studies, marriage, children, wealth, relationships etc
  • Broken promises: whenever someone agrees they break the agreement by apologizing or ignoring you
  • Loss of confidence: unable to perform in any aspect, socializing with others, always nervous, scared, spend most of your time alone.
  • Negativity: nothing works out, no one likes you, constantly in a downward spiral, no one trusts you, and everyone thinks negatively of you.
  • Insomnia: unable to sleep at night, heart beats above normal, always tired,
  • Nightmare: see dogs, lions, animals, snakes, water, fire, dead people, graveyards, yourself traveling, blood, creatures, rats, lizards, ants, people doing magic, bones, sexual dreams, flying, falling, children etc.
  • Ugliness: see the other person as angry or ugly, disinterested in you.
  • Unusual Pains: in the body, neck and shoulder tightness,  the lower back head could be anywhere
  • Stomach problems: swelling, constipation, something moving inside, hardness.
  • Illness: becoming weak, always ill with no explanation, medicines have no effect, Epilepsy fits, fainting, itching, scratching, high blood pressure, body getting weaker, no energy.
  • Stings: feel as if someone is putting pins in your body.
  • Hot Cold: feet burning, feel hot in the body for one second then cold, shivers etc
  • Unusual things: smell bad smells, freak accidents, cuts, bruises burns on the body, doors banging, lights switching on and off etc.
  • Darkness: on the face,
  • Body: twitching of body, always moving your legs, legs feel very heavy, aches and pains, pain in the kidneys etc.
  • Loss: No matter how much you earn it all goes, you are losing your health day by day


  • Periods: No periods, abnormal cycles, extreme pains,
  • Pregnancy: Enable to get pregnant, loss of baby, miscarriages, baby in tubes, Cyst
  • Sexual: burning after intercourse, pain while intercourse, Dreams
  • Men:
  • Obsessive interest in sex
  • No erection
  • Unable to control yourself release before time.
  • Pain in testicles.


  • Unable to read namaaz Salaat,
  • Feel pains when listening to Quran,
  • Can’t stand the azaan,
  • Have bad thoughts about Islam in any aspect.